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In 1958, an organization was formed by concerned citizens to help bring a hospital to Elbow Lake. These citizens saw a great need to have local access to healthcare due to loved ones dying in transit to emergency care. As a result, construction of the building began in October of 1960, and Elbow Lake Community Memorial Hospital opened its doors with a dedication and open house on Sunday, December 3, 1961. The hospital was property of the Elbow Lake Hospital District and was managed by the board of directors of the Elbow Lake Community Memorial Hospital, Inc.

In November of 1976, a proposal was passed by the citizens of Grant County to expand the limits of the Community Memorial Hospital to a countywide hospital, thus being sold to the county and becoming Grant County Hospital. After several years, county board members; community leaders; and Dr. Larry Rapp, the local physician, met to develop a new organization model to serve the people in Grant County. In order to make the hospital more cost-effective, it was decided to integrate all medical, hospital and other healthcare services into a single structure. In 1993, the Grant County Hospital became the Grant County Health Center, which became a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation.

In 2002 the hospital underwent another name change to ELEAH Medical Center, which symbolized the first letter of each town in which there was a clinic—Elbow Lake, Evansville, Ashby, and Hoffman. In 2005 ELEAH Medical Center became a critical access hospital (CAH), and in 2007 ELEAH Medical Center established an outpatient clinic in Morris, Minnesota, which offered primary care, outreach and surgical services. In May of 2010, ELEAH became Prairie Ridge Hospital and Health Services.

Prairie Ridge continues to change in order to meet the needs of the communities we serve. In May of 2014, Prairie Ridge Hospital and Health Services in Elbow Lake moved into a new facility. This move has allowed Prairie Ridge to better serve the healthcare need of the community with a higher level of safety and privacy, state-of-the-art technology, and new services. In March of 2017 Prairie Ridge opened a new satellite clinic in Herman, bringing the number of our locations to six. We are excited for the future and continue to seek ways to service our communities.