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Living Well Education Series - 2019/2020 Schedule

11/05/2019 8:26 AM (CST)

Our free monthly education series to learn about a wide range of health topics from local and regional experts. Each session offers an opportunity to learn living well skills for you and those you care for.

Next Session: October 1, 2019 “Truths & Myths About Antibiotics”

Featured Speakers: Panel Discussion led by Renae Lien, Pharmacy Director and Sarah Brunn, Infection Prevention Coordinator.

Truths and Myths About Antibiotics

True or False: Antibiotics are great for colds. It’s always best to take antibiotics “just in case.” It’s wise to save your leftover medications. It’s OK to stop taking a prescribed antibiotic as soon as you start feeling better. The way I manage my antibiotic use doesn’t harm anyone else.

Believe it or not, these statements are all false. While antibiotics save lives, eliminating infections that can be difficult or impossible to treat any other way, they aren't foolproof. In fact, they can cause serious health problems when used incorrectly. As we head into the fall/winter cold & flu season, bring your questions and come ready to learn the truth about risks and benefits of antibiotic usage along with good health prevention tips from our panel of experts.

1 hour 15 minutes
Fergus Falls Public Library Community Room 205 E Hampden Fergus Falls, MN
No Charge