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Larson Brings New Women's Health Services to Barnesville Area Clinic

Dr. Brett Larson may not have grown up anywhere near Minnesota, but he jokes that he comes equipped with the perfect last name for fitting right in.

The Utah native brings another valuable asset as well: a specialty in women’s health, obstetrics and gynecology, which he’s used to build a busy practice with Lake Region Healthcare in Fergus Falls since moving his family here in 2016. Now he has started devoting the first and third Wednesday afternoons of each month to seeing patients at LRH’s Barnesville clinic, bringing more convenient access to women’s healthcare for families in the Barnesville area as well.


“The main thing I hope that I bring to Barnesville is convenience and being able to see patients in their hometown setting,” says the friendly and personable Larson. “They had to drive at least a half hour for anywhere they need to go for those types of services.”


As a generalist in his field, Larson is qualified to address a wide range of issues and concerns. “We cover everything for female care from childhood to adolescent into adulthood and elderly patients,” he says. “We see the whole spectrum of gynecological and obstetric issues.”

This can include prenatal checkups for routine to high-risk pregnancies, hysterectomies, C-sections, endometriosis treatment, infertility evaluation and treatment, cancer screening, urinary incontinence and more.


Larson says one of the patient advantages to seeing a small-town provider is a more personal and customized approach. “It’s a fun thing to be able to deliver people that you know,” he says. “It brings an extra-special component that you don’t get in a larger practice. The care is absolutely more personalized and individualized.”


One example of this: About 80 percent of LRH’s pregnancy patients are able to deliver their babies with the provider who guided them through all stages of their pregnancy, Larson says.  

Another consistent presence will be Larson’s nurse, Katlyn Martin, who accompanies Larson to his Barnesville appointments. A native of Evansville, Minn., Martin is well-known and well-liked by his patients. “She’s really, really good,” he says.


Larson asks that patients who have questions about their treatment continue directing their calls to his Fergus Falls office, as this is where their records can be accessed most easily and Katlyn will be most readily available to check on requests.


Although Larson is relatively new to this area, he and his wife, Jessica, a pharmacist at LRH in Fergus Falls, enjoy living here. 


When not at work, Jessica teaches dance with Mary Pettit and Ramona Jacobs at the Fergus Falls School of Dance. Ironically, Mary is married to Dr. William Pettit, the obstetrician who Larson replaced when Pettit retired. “They say that the new OB/GYN in town conveniently came with another dance teacher, like Dr. Pettit,” Larson says, with a chuckle.

The couple have two daughters and a son: Emery, 4, Adelyn, 2 1/2 , and Anders, 9 months, and the girls have already “jumped right into” ice skating as a hobby, he says. “I’m sure we’ll get Anders on the ice too.”


Snow and ice are a relatively new phenomenon for the family, who were used to much balmier climates. Most recently, Dr. Larson served at the Lafayette Community Health Clinic in Louisiana. He completed his residency at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center and received his Doctor of Medicine degree from the Ross University School of Medicine in Portsmouth, Dominic.


But even as the temperatures drop outside, the family with the perfectly Minnesotan last name are enjoying the warmth of their neighbors.


“We plan on making this home,” he says.



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