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If Larry can do it, so can you.

LRH CEO follows through on colonoscopy challenge and tells his story now that the results are in. 

If Larry can do it, so can you.

That was the message that Lake Region Healthcare CEO Larry Schulz hoped to send to the community when he agreed to talk publicly about his recent colonoscopy.

As part of National Colon Cancer Awareness Month in March, Schulz not only agreed to schedule his first colonoscopy at age 59, but to also talk to the media about the experience.

“The main reason was to encourage other people to have this exam done, because colon cancer – if found early – is a very treatable form of cancer. As a public health official, I thought it was important to set an example for others,” Schulz says.

The colonoscopy was scheduled, Schulz underwent the procedure and the results are in: He’s A-ok.

And he now wonders why he waited so long. “It was probably fear of the prep, fear of the exam itself, thinking it might be uncomfortable and hoping that there might be a medical breakthrough that would provide a less invasive test,” he says. “And, of course, fear of what would happen if the results weren’t good.”

But Schulz’s fears proved unfounded. The prep – which involves ingesting only liquids and taking laxatives to thoroughly clean out the colon – was not as bad as he’d anticipated. The procedure itself was painless. Schulz found that the medical staff explained the procedure thoroughly so he knew exactly what was going to happen. “And then I was given medication to make me sleepy, and I wound up falling asleep and waking in a different room, and it was done,” he says. “It ended up almost being a non-event in a way.”

Although Schulz can now wait another 10 years until his next procedure, he encourages others to get it done much sooner. “I tell people, ‘Don’t worry. Get it done. It’s worth the peace of mind of knowing that you’re cancer-free or if it’s in a very treatable form,” he says. “The result is worth any little inconvenience in having the test done.”

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