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In addition to cardiac consultations, our cardiologists provide:

  • Clinic consults (A-fib, Syncope, Cardiomyopathy, teleheart consultation)
  • Cardioversions (Morris)
  • Cardiac stress tests
    • Treadmill stress tests
    • Nuclear med stress tests-standard treadmill
    • Cardiolyte treadmill
    • Chemical stressing stress tests (LEXI SCAN)
  • Pacemaker programming and follow up care (Morris)
  • Carotid massage (Morris)
  • Cardiac rehabilitation (Elbow Lake)
  • Pacemakers-dual and single chamber implantation
  • Internal cardiac defibrillator-dual and single chamber implantation (Morris)
  • Cardiac resynchronization therapy device implants- CRT-D/P or BI-V ICD implants for chronic heart failure patients (Morris)
  • Implanted Cardiac Loop Recorders
  • Cardiomem implants- for chronic heart failure patients (Morris)
  • Interpretation of echocardiogram and stress tests
  • Tilt Table Testing (Morris)
  • Echocardiogram
    • Standard echo
    • Stress echo
    • Dobutamine stress echo
    • Bubble study echocardiogram